After 12 hours

Beans and Rice with Andouille

Ready to Serve

Due to an abundance of dried black beans in the house (I don’t always check the cupboard before buying something) my wife made a request for rice and beans. Out came the slow cooker and after doing a search on the web I modified the recipes I found on Yummly and Food With Family and used this great guide on how to add rice to a slow cooker recipe. The result was a great first try at this particular style of Rice and Beans. I would certainly add the tomatoes next time (right at the end) which I left out when I made this. It would have loosed up the beans a bit and given them a bit more robust flavor. Read more »

All Together Now

Sharon’s Ono Barbecue Beef

Ready to Serve

We recently purchased a crock pot. The idea was it was going to help us create meals on busy days when I don’t have time to cook and these meals would be healthier. It has helped with the meal creation on busy days at least. I found this recipe on Certainly not the healthiest thing we could have made but it sure was tasty. Read more »


New England Clam Chowder

Bacon Makes It Better

We had a pretty mild winter but there were some days which just begged for a bowl of soup. Unfortunately one of those days was in the middle of spring after having a run of several weeks of beautiful weather. Rainy and cold. Gloomy and miserable. Not much can make you feel better than a nice hot bowl of soup. Even better is the fact that this recipe came from Eating Well online making this tasty treat even better for us. Read more »

Mix Well

Leftover Turkey Fried Rice

Ready to Serve

Leftover turkey for the holidays. Tired of turkey soup and turkey sandwiches? Try some tasty, quick and easy turkey fried rice. Read more »

Serve and Enjoy!

Yellow Split Pea Soup


The weather around here has gotten a bit nippy, dipping down in the 20’s and 30’s. What’s better than a nice stick to your ribs soup, easy to make and with tons of flavor? Read more »

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