This site started out like most projects around my house, it started around a conversation with my wife Julie about cooking. Well if truth be told it started out with me talking AT my wife about my newest endeavour in the cooking world, my Sourdough Starter and how I was going to dry and mail said starter to a number of friends and family around the country.


Ready to Use

Ready to Use

“That’s cool.” said Julie, “You should start a website and track where the starter ends up and what people are doing with the starter.”

I frequently post pictures of the food that I create on sites such as Facebook and Smoking Meat Forums  along with their recipes and meathodology for creating these dishes so why not put together a website to share what I am creating with the world.

With that said I would love to get feedback. Making a dish you see on my site or just something that you found interesting? Email me or leave me a note on this site. I’d love to hear your twist on one of the dishes I made and if you have a dish you would like me to make let me know, I will be happy to see what I can do and post my take on it along with photos (as long as my wife will let me cook it in the house 🙂



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